Construction and manufacturing of ground equipment: Analyzing and planning at the project level; documentation for modification of aircraft equipment;
construction and construction analysis, preparing construction documentation, issuing shop and assembly drawings; mechanical calculations in the field of statics, dynamics, fluid mechanics. Sizing parts, strength calculations, stress and strain. Ground equipment manufacturing includes: tow bars
steel cables, lifting adapters bridging or self-propelled cranes, transportation packaging (fuselage, wings etc.)

Ground equipment for service: Mobile multilevel work platforms, hydraulic jacks and supports jigs; interior transport trolleys

Special tools and equipment for A/C and A/C components
Special tools; tools and devices for centering, positioning, extracting, inserting, fixing etc.; measuring and testing equipment for fuel systems, air system, pitot-static system; “Shadowbox“

Fabrication of aircrafts parts and reparation or modification of the same
Metal pipes with fittings of all systems (fuel, engine oil., Hydraulics, air conditioning, etc.); hoses with fittings (fuel, mot.-oil, hydraulic, climate, etc.;
splitters, connectors and adapters (reduction coupling); seals (rubber, Teflon, Klingerit).
Bolts, nuts, washers, fuses, bolts, pins, buckles, caps, lids; light command cable ends to press on rates, command pulley,
3D models for fabrication of molds for carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc. 

Firefighting bucket maintenance – Maintenance of firefighting buckets carried by helicopters
Maintenance of registration hits during live firing exercises systems: development, manufacturing and maintenance of system registration hits during live firing exercises (air-earth, earth-air, air-air)

Special welding: REL - Steal and Steal alloy.
MAG (CO2)Steal, TIG - Steal, Al/Al-alloy.
Arc welding - Steal, Al/Al-alloy., Cu/Cu- alloy. Soldering (hard, soft) - Cu/Cu-alloy.

Vulcanization - Fabrication of various types of shapes (using the related mold) from CR or NBR rubber compound ....500x500

Electroplate protection: The process begins with preparing the surface: brushing (hand) , sandblasting (hand)
Chemical treatment (deoxidation in hydrochloric acid, degreasing in hot alkaline media and pickling
Cromatizing Alocrom 1200 1300 x 300 x 600
Alodin 5700 1300 x 300 x 600
Electroplating material surface protection
Zinc plating (yellow/blue)
Cadmium plating 1300x600x600
Anodizing 2200 x 300 x 450 mm
Protective coating treatment
Passivation of precious steel 1300 x 600 x700 mm

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